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A Moment
Sitting quietly listening to the sounds around
The echo of steps and wind that blows
That moment when you don’t seek or speak
A speck of peace, a piece of time
That wonderful crystallized flow of rest
This is the moment you sought
And wish to last
Feeling calm, your storming soul soothes
Living in a moment
This one or one to come
 Will fever ever with us
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Penny visits Auntie (It is a little bit Creepy)
    "Penny dear, its Auntie I thought you might want to come have some tea with me at my house tomorrow sometime around lunch." I never thought I would ever regret getting a phone call.
    I pulled up to the house with the matching address that Auntie gave me; I thought there was a mistake, there was no way I had the right house. As I walked up to the front door, I looked at my surrounding. It was a two-story pink house with a white picket fence that encased the house. The house and the fence had a fresh coat of paint on them. Fake flowers lined the fence; even the bushes were fake. The only thing in the front yard that was not plastic was the cement walkway leading up to the front porch. There was fancy white trim around the windows, porch and the roof making it look an old Victorian house.
    I thought to myself, "It looks like a doll house that you would buy for your six-year-old girly girl daughter or something."
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Words that flow through my hands 
giving life to the photographs that swim through my mind
Letting others feel the feelings that hind inside
On this endless white paper the words will flow
On their own they fill the white emptiness that sits in front of me
To those who move around this world
who need to known
giving light into someones darkness 
To show them that there is more to life 
A poem is more then words that rhyme or chime as you read
The true meaning of my poems will forever be
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Song of the Whales
Tippy Toppy through and through 
Nether up or down, Left or right and
blackness all around. 
Sight is blinded while the whales sing their echoing song
for those who sleep in this blackness.
Light comes and goes beautiful yet dark.
Nothing is friend, but nor is it foe.
A simple freedom and a big cage, still there always there
the beautiful echoing song of the whales.
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Meet Miss Can? (Part 2)
    As the children ran after Glass, Miss Can turn to Mr. and Mrs. Zimber, looking straight at them she said "now how can I help the two of you today, if you want to talk I will give you my full attention." 
Mr. and Mrs. Zimber gave each other looks of surprise, Mrs. Zimber looked at Miss Can "how did you know some thing was troubling us?" 
Miss Can just smiled and headed for the kitchen, with Mr. and Mrs. Zimber on her heels. Miss Can got out the tea pot and boiled water for the tea, Mr. and Mrs. Zimber watched from the small table not really sure what to say or what to think about Miss Can. Finishing poring the tea Miss Can walked over to the table saying as she sat down, "a death in the family can be hard and sometimes drive a family apart" Miss Can looked up at Mr. and Mrs. Zimber continuing "especially when that person is close to you like a brother, and having a lot of debt only makes it harder not to mention four children to take care of."
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For those who care.

I have a Summer job and won't be able to get on DA really until I come back.


For those who care.

I have a Summer job and won't be able to get on DA really until I come back.


United States


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